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The use of different instruments has been the need of human being since the life on this planet came into existence. In the earlier times when the medical science was not much developed, the people used to get traditional type of treatments but with the time, the man and the medical sciences made lot of progress and crafted different Dental & Surgical instruments to cure human diseases. The modern World has wonderful hi-tech apparatus and precision instruments to provide best treatment by a doctor.

Intrade International is one of the Company producing high quality of dental instruments depicted in this website. We take all the care while manufacturing our instruments and always strive to develop new articles in order to fulfill the needs of the doctors and dentists.

We have long experience in manufacturing and have the skill to craft high quality instruments for dentistry. We always choose best raw materials and give them the best finishing as well as packaging to meet the international quality standards.

We look forward to achieve the set goal to supply our dental and surgical instruments all over the World and hope to have good business partners.

Asad Ali Qureshi

Our Products

We are offering Extracting Forceps, Luxating Root Elevators, Osteotomes, Chisels, Osseodensification Burs Kit, Drills & Trephine, Hu- friedy Gracey Curettes & Composculp Set, Aligner Pliers, Prf Soft Brushing Kit, PRF kit, Bone Cutter, Wire Cutters... read more

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