Basic Implant Set

The complete set of 27 essential instruments for basic implant surgery. 

This set contains the following Instruments.

Minnesota cheek retractor
Scalpel handle flat with scale
Scalpel handel round, straight
Ochsenbein chisel OCH2
Periosteal elevator Seldin
Periosteal elevator Prichard
Periosteal elevator Buser
Periosteal elevator Molt
Periosteal elevator 24G
Surgical Curette
Surgical Curette
Gracey curette 13/14
Kirkland knife
Orban Knife
Modified Frazier aspirator
Adson saw tissue forceps
Wide pincette
Mayo-Hegar needle holder
Hemostatic forceps
Iris scissor TC
La Grange scissor TC
Friedman bone rongeur
Castro gauge CVD, small
Towel clamp
Bone well
Mirror handle with mirror

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