Extracting Forceps Set

Extracting forceps are used in teeth extraction process along with elevators. Extraction forceps are designed specifically for a particular region of mouth. They usually have long handles and beaks are designed so that they can easily fit around cervical portion of tooth.
This box includes the 10 most-used diamond extracting forceps, it includes the following forceps:
• Fig. 51A. Upper Roots
• Fig. 1. Upper Incisors and cuspids
• Fig. 13. Lower cuspids and premolars
• Fig. 22. Lower molars
• Fig. 7. Upper premolars
• Fig. 17. Upper molars, right
• Fig. 18. Upper molars, left
• Fig. 67A. Upper molars - For Upper wisdom teeth
• Fig. 79. Lower wisdom teeth’s
• Fig. 33A. Lower incisors, premolars & roots

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