Surgery Kit

The surgery kit comes with a sterilization tray. It contains the following Instruments:
1. Gold-man fox black scissor Curved 13cm - TC
2. Crile wood needle holder, 15cm - TC
3. Classic pean, 12.5cm
4. Filling remover (8mm handle)
5. Nordberg/Molt periosteal elevator
6. Mirror handle, titanium coated handle.
7. Probe Cp12 3-6-9-12mm + Explorer 23 (9.5mm handle)
8. Universal curette M23, titanium coated instrument
9. Lucas 85
10. Root tip elevators 1.8mm, titanium coated instrument
11. College tweezers, 15cm
12. Adson surgery tweezers (1x2), 12cm
13. 13 Langenbeck retractor, medium size 42x10mm (21cm)
14. Scalpel handle
15. Rhodium / Front-surface mouth mirror nr. 4
16. Sterilization cassette for 20 instruments with removable top

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